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Students may graduate under the catalog of their original enrollment unless there is a lapse of one academic year of enrollment (Fall-Spring). In this case the student will be expected to fulfill requirements of the catalog in effect at the beginning of the last continuous enrollment period prior to graduation. In case the student begins in one major and decides to change to another, he/she will follow the catalog in effect at the time the change is approved. To be recommended for a certificate, or degree, the student must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The completion of the prescribed program with a passing grade in each subject, and with an overall grade point average of 2.​

  2. or better. Students pursuing the master’s or doctorate must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.0. 2. The evidence of genuine Christian faith and a consistent testimony.

  3. Settlement of all financial obligations to the school.

  4. Submission of a completed "Application for Graduation.”

  5. Time allotment for Degree completion -

    1. A student enrolled in a degree program is allowed ten years to complete the program. In the event of a change in degree focus, this may be extended to twelve years with administrative approval.

    2. Any student dropping out for more than one year will be readmitted under the new catalog.

  6. In special cases, certain course substitutions may be made for required courses. For any deviation from stated requirements for graduation, a petition must be filed with the Academic Dean. If approved, a copy of the petition will be placed in the student’s file.


The annual commencement convocation is held at the end of the spring semester. Students who complete degree requirements the preceding fall terms are invited to participate in the spring commencement exercise. Students can only receive one degree per academic year.



Each student is held responsible for his/her schedule of courses arranged at the time of registration. Any changes must be made in the Director of Records and Admissions' Office. A student who makes a change in his/her schedule without securing permission from the Director of Records and Admissions' Office will be penalized by loss of credit for the course involved. The College reserves the right to drop students who fail to do satisfactory work or who do not cooperate with the policies of the college, at any time. The student must enroll with the understanding that the Administration may request the withdrawal of any student at any time, who in its opinion, does not fit into the spirit of the institution whether the student conforms to the specific regulations of the school.


LIFT is dedicated to learning and upholds the highest academic standards. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes for which they are enrolled except in cases of 41 illness or other valid reasons (in all cases notify the professor). Given its objectives, LIFT will not overlook failures of personal integrity in matters of academic honesty among members of the college community and will deal with them to seek the interest of all concerned. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Students who have not met, or made satisfactory arrangements to meet, all financial obligations to LIFT will not be allowed to register for the next academic semester. No diploma, transcript, or letter of recommendation shall be granted, nor actions taken regarding placement, until such time as these arrangements have been completed. Students will be graduated only after their debts to LIFT have been paid, or arrangements satisfactory to the Administration have been agreed upon.

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