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Applicants for admission to LIFT will be considered without regard to color, sex, national or ethnic origin. The applicant is assessed according to academic background and personal testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. In considering applications, the applicant's complete transcript, recommendations and personal information are reviewed. If the applicant meets the required standards, the student will be admitted to LIFT on a semester-to-semester basis. A certificate or degree from LIFT is not an indication that LIFT is recommending the student for licensing or ordination. Each ecclesiastical denominational organization has its own set of guidelines for licensing and ordaining its ministers. Application must be made on the official form furnished by the Office of the Director of Records and Admissions. When the necessary information and fees have been received, the Admissions Committee (Chancellor, Vice President for Administration, Director of Records and Admission, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean) will act on the application. The applicant will be notified of the decision of the Committee.



Acceptance to any certificate or degree program at LIFT will be granted only after assessment of the application; references and official transcripts (where required) have been made. The appropriate fee must accompany the application. Admission to a program will be granted only after an application to that program has been received and approved. APPLICATION PROCEDURES The applicant should carefully complete the application form and provide the following items: (a) application fee; (b) a statement of personal conversion to Christ, experience with the Lord, and service for Christ; (c) high school transcript and/or transcript(s) from all colleges and universities where the applicant has done undergraduate and/or higherlevel course work. ADMISSIONS PROCEDURES High school graduates or G.E.D. applicants should follow these steps in making application for admission to the College: Request admission forms from the Office of the Director of Records and Admissions. Upon receipt of the forms, fill in the requested information; attach your Christian experience statement to the form; and enclose the appropriate application fee and mail or deliver it to the site you desire to attend. (Addresses are provided in the back of the catalog) Request the last high school you attended to send an official record of all your high school work. All forms and records should be in the Office of the Director of Records and Admissions prior to the deadline for applications indicated in the academic calendar. The normal processing of an application requires from two to four weeks. Applicants whose qualifications are satisfactory will be notified of their acceptance. LIFT is an open admissions institution on the undergraduate level.



Regular Student - A student who meets all entrance requirements and is pursuing a certificate, diploma or degree program. Special Student - A student who desires to take only a limited number of courses for credit, but who is not interested in enrolling in a certificate or degree program. Special students must follow regular application procedures. Auditor - A student permitted to enroll in a course without being required to fulfill the normal course requirements in that course when it is taken for credit. No credit is granted. Audited courses will be recorded on the official transcript. Abbreviated admissions credentials are required of those students who are only auditing courses.



Students desiring to transfer to LIFT from other Bible institutes, colleges, and universities, must follow all the steps outlined above when applying for admission However, each course is individually evaluated before acceptance to ensure that it meets the requirements of similar offerings at LIFT. The decision to accept or reject transfer of credits rest solely with the college. For credits to be considered for transference, in addition to the high school record, the student should request the registrar of each college attended since high school graduation to send an official transcript (certified and sealed) of his/her college level work directly to the site he/she desires to attend. Once the registrar receives the certified transcript, he/she will forward it to the Dean who will work closely with the member of the appropriate department in making the final decision on transfer of credits. Only work completed with a "C" or better is transferable. The final decision on transferring credits will be made, put in writing, and sent to the registrar for inclusion in the student’s folder. The registrar will then give the student a timely response as to the acceptance/rejection of transfer of credits. 



LIFT Bible Crusade College and Seminary, Incorporated offers classes on a semester system.



All students are required to register in person during the scheduled times. Each student, by the act of registration, assumes the liability for the payment of all charges for the semester.



  • $40.00 Per Semester Hour

  • $25.00 Registration Fee

  • $75.00 Audit

  • $100.00 Graduation Fee (this does not include graduation regalia)

  • $250.00 Thesis or Dissertation Binding Fee

  • $40.00 Per Semester Hour for Correspondence Course (Study book not included) $5.00 Second Transcript

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